The Honors Scholar Society at Eastern Nazarene

Welcome, you are among the many gifted students who have an interest in the Honors Scholar Society at Eastern Nazarene College. Since 1936, this program has thrived with numerous students interested in extending their ENC education through scholarship, research, and intellectual discourse. Many are now in top graduate schools and working professionals reaping the benefits of an academically rigorous program.

Because the ENC campus is just minutes from downtown Boston, many students take full advantage of the academic, internship, graduate school, and job opportunities in the area.


In this brochure you will learn:

  • Why curricular and co-curricular programing is critical for Honors students to succeed
  • How scholarship and research plays a huge role in student success
  • Why students engage in academic and social immersion opportunities
  • About the Study Abroad program
  • Where Honors Scholars study after ENC

Download the Brochure!